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FAQ 4C Mailboxes 

Question: Are 4C mailboxes USPS approved?

Answer: Yes, 4C mailboxes are USPS approved as long as they are recessed into the wall. Reach out to your local post office for approval on surface mount and depot 4C mailboxes.

Question: How many parcel boxes does the USPS require?

Answer: The USPS requires 1 parcel box for every 5 tenant doors.

Question: Are 4C mailboxes configurable?

Answer: Some of the 4C mailboxes are configurable. Contact us for any customizations.

Question: Do the locks & keys come installed with the mailbox?

Answer: Yes, all 4C mailboxes come with the locks installed and 3 keys per lock.

Question: Does the mailbox come with the master lock for the USPS installed?

Answer: No, the master lock is supplied by the post office. We do NOT have access to their master lock.

Question: Are 4C mailboxes ADA compliant?

Answer: All units that start with 4C06, 4C07, 4C08, 4C09, 4CAD are fully ADA compliant.

Any units starting with 4C10, 4C11, 4C12, 4C13, 4C14, 4C15, 4C16 are partially ADA.

Contact us with questions regarding ADA.

Questions: What does recess, surface & depot mean on a 4C mailbox?

Answer: The recess mount is the standard mailbox that goes in a wall.

The surface mount gets mounted on the wall.

The depot gets mounted to the ground.

Question: Are these made in the USA?

Answer: Yes, all mailboxes are manufactured in Manhattan, KS or Los Angeles, CA.

Question: Do you ship these mailboxes with UPS, Fedex or does it come on a truck?

Answer: All cluster mailboxes are shipped freight.

Question: Do you ship nationwide?

Answer: Yes, we ship all across the country.