Cluster Mailbox FAQs

Yes, cluster mailboxes are approved by the USPS postal service.

Unfortunately, cluster mailboxes are not configurable. They come in 481213 & 16 doors.

No, the 16 unit cluster mailbox is the largest CBU available.

The USPS requires 1 parcel box for every 5 tenant doors. If you need additional parcel boxes you can look at model 1590-T1 or 1590-T2.

Yes, all cluster mailboxes come with the locks installed and 3 keys per lock.

No, the master lock is supplied by the post office. We do NOT have access to their master lock.


The type I has 2 ADA boxes, type II has 6 ADA boxes, type III has 10 ADA boxes, type IV has 9 ADA boxes, type V has 2 ADA boxes, type VI has 5 ADA boxes.

Yes, they are fully waterproof & can be used outdoors.

The decorative accessories are optional & are only there to enhance the look.

Of course! You can send us an email or give us a call.


Yes, all mailboxes are manufactured in Manhattan, KS or Los Angeles, CA.

All cluster mailboxes are shipped freight.

Yes, we ship all across the country.