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        Pedestal Mounted 4C (PM-4C) Mailboxes are available in the following heights (click image to filter products by height):

        Max Height

        15 High

        14 High

        13 High

        12 High

        11 High

        10 High

        ADA MAX

        9 High

        8 High

        7 High

        6 High


        Note: Drawings shown are for your quick reference only. For specific standards, consult local building codes and USPS requirements in your region.

        PM-4C UNITS

        PM-4C UNITS

        With all the same features and options, security, and durability of the Florence wall-mounted versatile 4C modules, pedestal mounting simply adds greater flexibility to your project as it is not tied to the USPS regulations. Designed to ensure every module is at a standard accessible height, pedestal-mount units come prepared with a master commercial lock to provide easy access to all compartments at once.


        Standard Features:

        • Available in single and double wide units
        • Fits all versatile™ mailboxes and accessories
        • Private delivery applications only - not USPS approved